Where’s that tree?


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    Old age is when the former kids in the neighborhood are so gray, wrinkled and bald that they don’t recognize you. Mike O’Brien, the youngest member of the notorious Rainsford Place confection posse, was 7 years old when I first met him. Along with his fianc, Mike was recently visiting his father, Doug, and both were lending an ear to a discourse by Doug, on how Michael’s success in business was due to Doug’s upbringing, when Mike halted his father. “Dad,” he stated, “I really owe my success in business to Mr. Fakehany!” Mike clarified that on his 8th birthday (1973), he along with the other O’Brien children had popped in on the Fakehanys, as was their custom, to see if something captivating was happening. With his entry, Mike majestically declared that it was his 8th birthday and while Mrs. Fakehany occupied their time with milk and donuts, Mr. Fakehany disappeared out the side door. Returning a short time later Mr. Fakehany professed to Michael that the Fakehanys had a money tree in the back yard and Mike was being given the currency that grew on the tree as a birthday present. With distrust on his face Mike and the posse moved outside to check out the birthday gift. Returning a short time later in a state of excitement, Mike and the posse ran home to share the tale of the money tree and the five $1 bills they found growing on the money tree with their parents. For the next several days Mike would visit his money tree only to find it barren of any supplementary dollar bills and soon Mike’s visits to the tree stopped. “How did Mr. Fakehany’s birthday gift help you in the business world?” questioned Doug, obviously disappointed that someone else was getting credit for his son’s success. “What Mr. Fakehany taught me,” replied Michael, “was that money doesn’t grow on trees.” Now isn’t that the truth.

    Since I have used only 322 words of your 350 word limit, I would like to applaud Michael and Anita on their up coming marriage.

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    Tom Fakehany