Closed road isn’t half bad

Thank you for your article “Two homes lost.” It was timely and well written. Your last somber sentence caught my attention. “Now it looks as though relief is still out of sight.” Are you suggesting that unless the east end of PCH is open, Malibu businesses are in extreme financial danger?

Malibu Canyon, Encinal, Kanan, Decker, PCH West all are currently open and functioning. Mulholland, Saddle Peak, Seminole Hot Springs Road, Latigo, Topanga are open avenues into Malibu.

People from the Valley are coming here by the hundreds. The roads are busy with tourists and summer crowds. If you doubt me, notice all the trash on the side of the roads. People rent here specifically for the summer from other states and other countries.

The closing has prevented the driving the length of the highway just to cruise to Santa Barbara or Ventura to Venice. A large majority of people just travel through Malibu and don’t “Stop to Shop.” In view of this, it’s hard for me to accept statements made regarding our local business suffering significantly. Moonshadows would be the exception to this.

People continue to come to Malibu no matter what. It’s the the ocean they seek and relief from the smog and heat where they live.

I don’t miss the cars coming down PCH at 70 mph in West Malibu in the morning with no sheriffs to ticket them as they move on to Los Angeles to work. The PCH being closed is an inconvenience but it is also a blessing!

Chenoa Ellis

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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