Blog: Big Oil Shatters Unicorns of the Sea

Reese Halter and famed explorer and producer James Cameron speaking on ocean conservation at MUSE School.

“Unicorns of the sea,” the spiral-toothed male, Arctic Narwhal whales are in big trouble.

The Canadian government just granted oil corporations the rights to search for drilling sites in the Davis Strait between Baffin Island and Greenland.

That means millions of sea creatures will be killed by incessant sonic booms as Big Oil scavenges for more heat-trapping gases.

This deranged ecocide risks killing 90 percent of all the remaining Narwhals on our planet.

Every 10 seconds, non-stop for a couple months, sonic explosions at 252 decibels will shatter eardrums of all sea creatures.

A couple of years ago, Narwhals were tagged with temperature sensors. They helped my colleagues determine that the deep Arctic Ocean was 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than previously thought. Now, it’s our turn to help the Narwhals.

It’s time to protect the Arctic, not plunder it.

Please support Sea Shepherd Global because they protect whales, and together let’s save the Arctic Ocean and all its creatures.

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