Only one census question needed


    Malibu Residents have every right to be census leery the way it is being used by the government for its own political purposes. The only true and constitutional function of the census is to count the number of people so that the proper number of representatives can be had. The only question on the census should be is how many people live at this household? The only race that counts is human. Knowing how many flush toilets, bedrooms, credit cards, health data, health services used and what type or one’s income is simply none of the government’s or anyone else’s business. The only reason for this is so that politicians can be social engineers and accordingly take from one to give to another. Citizens know this intuitively and no amount of propaganda from the news media saying it’s for schools, hospitals, fire, etc., will not change individuals’ perception that the government is far too intrusive and interfering. Our Malibu resident’s actions were right and proper. By all means be counted but just say no to all the other questions.

    As for the government’s assurances that all will be private and confidential, just ask one of the survivors of Manzanar what they think.

    Charles Black