Malibu Group Begins Drafting Chain Store Initiative

Malibu Country Mart landlord Michael Koss addresses the City Council as members of Preserve Malibu and other supporters of a chain store ordinance look on. 

Fed up with Malibu city officials, a local grassroots group has begun drafting a ballot initiative they believe will help protect and preserve local “mom and pop” stores amidst what the group believes to be an infiltration of chain stores and big developments in Malibu.

“Preserve Malibu and other groups have begun the process of initiating a ballot initiative that would do what the [City] Council has not—namely protect our community from damaging and destructive developments that are of no value to our community and its residents,” read a statement issued Monday afternoon from the Preserve Malibu Coalition.

The statement was sent out just hours before the City Council is set to continue its deliberation of a temporary ordinance.

Preserve Malibu members believe the city has deliberately delayed a decision on possible regulations.

“The Malibu City Council has had countless opportunities to implement a meaningful formula retail ordinance that would maintain the unique character of our community,” the group stated.

Preserve Malibu members have said they hope to get the initiative onto a special election ballot as soon as possible—before the November 2014 election.

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