Letter: Game of Crowns

Letter to the Editor

It’s not easy being bad anymore. Everyone from monarchs, to cops, to criminals wants a shot at being “worst in the world.” Cersei Lannister wore the thorny crown for a season or two but lost her nerve. Who is ready to assume the mantle?

Mohammad Bin Salman or MBS (Maybe Brother of Satan) looks like a more evil version of Richard Ramirez. Biden could have elevated the crown prince to America’s most wanted but the presidential limo eats a lot of black gold. Perhaps the CIA audio caught the hair apparent at his beautician and not directing the Saudi kill squad: “Hey, could you take a little more off the top?”

The Capitol police still seem split on protecting the Capitol vs its invaders. They beefed up defenses again on the wrong day. Easter Sunday will be the anointed time when Donald Trump rises from his underground tomb at Mar-A-Lago and reclaims his throne—this time in human form. 

Derek Chauvin also has a shot at the title but will probably walk free by the time this prints. I can almost hear Johnny Cochran shouting, “The officer strangled George Floyd in pure self defense.” Dominion software has an auto reverse backdoor feature on all police body cams. The suspect seems to be running away from the cops with an iPhone but is actually sprinting towards the defenseless officer with an Uzi…

Dan Bercu