Thais Antoinette Baker


Thais Antoinette Baker died of breast cancer on Feb. 17 in Montecito. She was 46 years old.

Born in Santa Barbara and raised in Malibu, Baker attended Crossroads and Marymount schools.

In 1981 she moved to Milan, Italy to begin a modeling career. She then moved to New York City before returning to Malibu. Baker later married Steve Bren, with whom she had two children.

Baker’s family and friends attended her memorial services in Santa Barbara.

She is survived by her mother Sandra; her brothers Nathan and Billy; her daughter GiGi; her son Oliver; her childhood friends Andy Lyon of Malibu and Mary McDonald of Los Angeles; and her friends Gladys, Deeb, Tim, Adam, Angela, Suzanne, Dolph, Kevin, Victor, Dovanna, Joseph, Barbro and Renato.