Putting funds in fundamentals

The Malibu High School PTSA applauds all the committed parents, teachers, administrators and nurses who came out to support our children and their schools at the Malibu City Council meeting on Monday night. We especially would like to thank the bilingual families, who came out en masse with signs of support for our children. And what a beautiful sight it was to see all the Valentines sent to the council members, one from every student in Malibu. Thanks, Malibu!

We are extremely appreciative of the council members’ positive response to our request to provide funds to alleviate the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District budget crisis. We are looking forward to the establishment of an ongoing partnership with the city of Malibu and the school district.

The city of Santa Monica is preparing to support our schools and so should the city of Malibu. We are urging the city of Malibu to provide a one-time immediate grant of $150,000 (or approximately 1 percent of Malibu’s budget, the same percentage as Santa Monica is preparing to provide). We are also requesting a long-term commitment to our school district in the form of a permanent budget line item as the city of Santa Monica does. There is no better investment the city can make than investing in Malibu’s children and their education!

Let us clarify, we urge the City Council to act now to provide these funds, so that no teacher, principal, nurse, librarian, coach, custodian positions are cut. Please do not complicate this issue with the sale of school district property to the city of Malibu. It is an unrelated issue. Good schools are our community’s greatest asset. Please invest in Malibu’s future, now!

Cathleen Sands, MHS PTSA president

Karen Farer, MHS PTSA executive vice president

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