Flash Flood Watch issued


A Flash Flood Watch has been issued for all burn areas in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, and Malibu through this evening.

According to the National Weather Service Forecast office, rain that is developing across the Southern California area may become heavy at times, with rainfall rates in excess of one half inch per hour possible.

“Rainfall at these rates would be sufficient to cause flash flooding and mud and debris flows in and around the burn areas,” according to a statement by the National Weather Service.

A flash flood watch means conditions may develop that lead to flash flooding.

Residents of burn areas are cautioned to monitor later forecasts and be prepared to take action if flash flood warnings are issued.

FEMA officials advise the following to prepare for the possible event of flash flooding:

€ Teach children not to play in or near streams, ponds or other flood-prone areas.

€ Assemble emergency supply kits for your home and place of work including the following items:

Flashlights with extra batteries


Plastic sheeting

Plywood, lumber

€ Store emergency building materials away from potential flooding areas.

€ Store a seven day supply of water (at least one gallon per person per day) in clean, closed containers.

€Maintain fuel in your cars; electrical outages might make gas pumps inoperable.

€ Identify safe routes to high ground from your home and work, but be prepared to follow the instructions of local emergency officials.

€ Check with your local public works, building or planning departments to determine whether you live in an area subject to flooding, or visit www.floodsmart.gov .

€ Clear debris and overgrowth from onsite drainage facilities.

€ Work with neighbors to solve potential drainage problems and to avoid diverting debris onto their properties. Consult a licensed civil engineer if you are in doubt.