Mission impossible


The Malibu Lagoon project appears to be a fraudulent boondoggle (“lagoon-doggle”) that will never be accomplished, after millions of dollars are wasted and the lagoon is destroyed.

You can never make a lagoon dry. The water always fills the hole back up through some miracle of physics. The contractors had no idea the project was this massive in scale and seemingly impossible to accomplish.

Who cares if you are Jerry Brown and Coastal Commissioners? The money will already have been spent and the union jobs will have been created and added to the employment numbers. Who cares if you leave a historically tragic coastal mess, involving living things?

Money for the project is bond money, approved after 9-11 as a “clean water act.” The money may also be used for “restoration” projects, but this is not a “restoration,” because there are no plans to restore the lagoon, just dredge it and kill it.

Malibu City Council members are elected to represent the voice of the people, and the people’s voice is that they don’t want the lagoon drudged. Council hides behind the fact it is a state project and they are powerless. The community wants council to file a suit to stop the dredging. There were a lot of people in chambers (with 45 speakers) for a non-agenda topic. And that is a lot of political power, and may be used against them, next election.

Please stop Malibu’s “Solyndra.”

David “ZUMA DOGG” Saltsburg