Letter: Safety Issues

Letter to the Editor

In the past seven days, there have been several deaths and many accidents with injuries on PCH. Whenever I hear a siren, I automatically pray for people who are in trouble. Based on the reports, most (if not all) could have been avoided if the drivers at fault had paid attention, not made illegal U-turns, been distracted, under the influence or other stupid moves. While people blame conditions on PCH itself, it’s not the road, but the drivers that are to blame.

Just yesterday, a woman in an old blue small Mercedes came barreling out of Latigo in front of oncoming traffic onto PCH and then proceeded east in front of me at a high rate of speed — 80 mph at least — swerving in and out of traffic, and disappearing. 

Recently, and comically, I received a survey from an organization that wants to make PCH safer for pedestrians. I answered the questions, telling the group that they were dreaming – there is no way a pedestrian will ever be safe on PCH. When I see parents pushing strollers on the highway, I cringe.  

Susan Tellem