Suggests path for President


Instead of demonstrating the ire of Southern Californians with complaints and personal derision of President George W. Bush about his treatment of our national parklands when he visits the National Park Service headquarters for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA) in Thousand Oaks, I ask several questions. Might it not be better to ask the President to acquire Ahmanson Ranch for the public good and complete the northeastern corner of our treasured Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area? What other projects might be incorporated into a presentation that gets national and state media attention through his visit to rally more support for our special Southern California natural resources through our congressional and senatorial delegations’ commitment, as well? U.S. Land and Water Conservation Funds are designed to accomplish just this noble goal. Why not take the high road and get the President’s commitment to recognize, respect and enlarge our “string of emeralds” in the Santa Monicas?

Dennis Washburn