Falling on deaf ears


I am just sick after reading the “Road to Recovery” piece about the Corral Canyon fire. You saved the most horrifying part for last. The recent photo and copy about the young people heading to the cave with booze and marijuana was extremely troubling. As a public safety commissioner and an avid activist against overnight camping, I was particularly disturbed by Public Safety Superintendent for State Parks Craig Sapp’s comment that, “It takes a long time to get up there (Corral), and we don’t have the resources for a ranger to sit up there 24 hours a day.” Sorry Charlie! You want overnight camping in areas just as narrow and dangerous as Corral, but you cannot supply the resources? Then go pound sand somewhere else.

Further, there still is no gate after a year, and the park does not close until 9 p.m. even though it gets dark around 5 p.m. State Parks has got to be kidding.

I just got a Google alert that the Deukmejian Park in Glendale is turning its “barn” into a meeting center thanks to the bulk of the funding for the project coming from a $906,440 grant from the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. Whoa! And we can’t even get a measly gate and a ranger. Edmiston has lots of money to throw around but seems more concerned about buildings than people. Say “no” to Joe.

Susan Tellem