City to Host Summer in a Jar Workshop

Malibu City Hall

On Friday, July 15, the City of Malibu hosts its monthly Creative Workshop. This class, Summer in a Jar, teaches attendees how to create canned fruit jams, pickled vegetables and fresh tomato sauces.  

Participants will use fresh farmers’ market produce to create a variety of preserved, canned, and pickled fruits and vegetables. They will also receive ideas for recipes such as fruit jams for topping pancakes or ice cream; pickled vegetables for tacos, sandwiches and salads; and a tomato sauce to dress pasta or polenta. All items are simple to make and plant-based. 

The workshop is instructed by Leslie Ward, a professional personal vegan chef. It will take place at Malibu City Hall, 23825 Stuart Ranch Road at 3 p.m.