Speeding to doomsville


    I have been living in Monte Nido now for about a year and a half.

    During that time there have been three traffic fatalities in Malibu

    Canyon that I know of. Does anyone know the actual number of

    people who have died on this road? Something tells me the real

    number might deter me from ever using the road again.

    Since moving into the canyon, I have become a huge fan of the speed

    limit. Sometimes I feel like a turtle crawling through the canyon at a

    feeble 45-50 mph. I politely use the turnouts to allow people to

    resume their average speed of 60-70 mph. I have seen cars coming

    at me in the wrong lane around blind turns more times than I can

    count on my fingers and my toes. I have seen a woman in a Range

    Rover with a child in a car seat cross the double yellow line heading

    into the tunnel because she couldn’t tolerate me moving only 50

    mph. I’ve seen teens in Mustangs, men in Mercedes on cell phones,

    all screaming toward oncoming oblivion, just to shave a minute off

    the canyon.

    It is not legal to pass between Piuma and PCH on Malibu Canyon. The

    heck with legal, it’s not SAFE. In fact, it’s insane.

    I recently had a conversation with a CHP officer patrolling the

    canyon. He is tired of cleaning fatalities off the road up here. I won’t

    repeat the conversation at this time, but know this. . .

    Crossing the double yellow line to pass on a curve or bridge with

    oncoming traffic in sight will more than likely buy you a Reckless

    Driving charge. A Reckless Driving conviction means JAIL time.

    Happy motoring.

    C. Kaller

    P.S. I’m not the lady in the Crown Victoria. I’m the guy in the red