Kids roll out the dough for pie fest

The proof is in the pudding or, at least, in the pie. And Mrs. Rifenbark’s first-grade class from Webster Elementary put their pie to the test last week at the annual Malibu Pie Contest.

On Friday morning, the first-graders were divided into four groups. One group rolled out the crust and placed it in the pie pans. Another cored and peeled the apples with a special hand-cranked machine. The third group used plastic knives to cut the apples into bite-sized chunks. And the fourth worked on the filling, measuring sugar, cinnamon and such.

“We put in apples and all the little powders and things and mixed it up,” said 6-year-old Athena. “It was easier than I thought.”

“I liked pouring in the cinnamon,” said 6-year-old Jani, “because it made the pie smell good.”

The end result was two Dutch Apple Pies. One was entered into the children’s division of the contest. The other was donated to the Malibu Methodist Church to be sold.

Pie baking isn’t the only skill displayed by students in Rifenbark’s class. At the festival Saturday morning, Jani demonstrated his mastery of pie eating. Pie shells filled with pudding were placed in front of each contestant and utensils were not allowed. “You had to put your hands behind your back and eat,” said Jani. “Whoever finished first was the winner.” Jani won a fourth-place ribbon and praise from the rest of the class.


The pie wasn’t an award winner, but the kids didn’t seem to mind. “I didn’t really care,” said Athena. “The fun was entering it in the contest.”

Most kids agreed that tasting their own pie was one of the most delightful experiences of the whole project. That is, if they could get it away from the grown-ups. “My mom ate all of it,” said 6-year-old Taylor. “I didn’t even get a taste.”

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