Letter: Big thank you

Geraldine Otero places an orchid corsage on the guest of honor, Debrah Caraway.

Last Sunday I had the privilege to be surrounded by my friends, customers, family and grandbaby to celebrate my retirement, and to all of them I say thank you for making that day very special for me. All I can say is I really enjoyed myself, so to everyone who came, dropped in, emailed and Facebooked me with well wishes, along with Liza Roberts, my coworker for setting the groundwork, thank you again, I’m going to cherish it forever. There is one person I would like to give a special shout out to, and that is Mary Higgins, who organized and brought it all together, with her natural expertise, on very short notice. She started as an invite, but detected the inexactness in our plans, so she voluntarily took the reins, and put her knowhow and energy to work and made a very special day for me. So, to you, Mary Higgins, salute, kudos, thank you in a grand way! Thank You Mary Higgins with all of my heart.

Debrah Caraway