‘Some Like it Hot’ to screen at Malibu Film Society’s inaugural event


The Malibu Film Society, a new local nonprofit, will have its inaugural event this Sunday at the Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue.

The event will feature a 50th anniversary screening of “Some Like It Hot,” starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe, a film honored by AFI as the funniest American comedy of all time.

It will be shown on a 16-foot widescreen at 7:30 p.m. in full, high definition, using a brand new DLP digital cinema projection system with theater quality sound.

Also, a prominent filmmaker in Malibu will be in attendance, according to organizers.

Scott Tallal, managing partner of CommCinema, one of the founders in the nonprofit venture, said the Malibu Film Society will offer the community something it is lacking: a nice place to gather and watch films.

“We think this is just a wonderful opportunity given the fact that Malibu has long celebrated a history and relationship with the film community,” Tallal said.

Steve Weinberg, executive board member of the MFS, wrote in an e-mail invitation: “MFS has been created to provide an opportunity for film lovers to gather, appreciate and discuss a wide range of classic, thought-provoking, and noteworthy movies. We will also give prominent Malibu-based actors, directors, writers and producers an opportunity to present and discuss their latest films with local audiences.”

Tallal said Malibu has an excellent movie theater at Cross Creek Road, but with only two screens, it is limited in the kinds of films it can show.

“What we’re doing is entirely different,” he said. “We’re having the filmmakers come in and talk about the movies. To have the people actually involved [in the filmmaking] talking about it-that’s a very different kind of experience.”

Tallal said he thinks Malibu clientele could easily support four or five screens at the Malibu Cinemas at Cross Creek, but the city simply doesn’t have this kind of space.

Tallal is also behind CineMalibu, which started after Malibu’s only movie theater burned down in a fire. CineMalibu provides the community with free outdoor movies at Bluffs Park.

“That program is really designed for children and families,” Tallal said. “In our view that leaves a pretty big void. There are lots of wonderful films available, and really no way to see them in Malibu on the big screen.”

The MFS will be an interactive organization, he said. Members will have a voice in film programming, and there will be volunteer opportunities on any number of levels.

The Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue, CommCinema, and The Malibu Times are all partners in MFS. The City of Malibu also granted a generous sum to help get the film society started, Tallal said.

The regular season of the MFS will start in September, with screenings every other Sunday. October through May, screenings will be every other Saturday.

The MFS will also offer special events throughout the year, including an Academy Awards gala in March.

Advance reservations for Sunday’s screening can be made by calling 310.589.0223. Tickets are $15 per person or $25 per couple in advance, and $20 per person at the door.