Leadership at last


    I read with interest the account of how the City Council on Monday arrived at its unanimous decision to consider allowing Malibu Bay Company to develop in the Civic Center and at Point Dume in return for much-needed land for recreation.

    It’s about time council allowed a full and meaningful discussion of this issue, and the proposed development agreement offers the perfect possibility. There is a big and growing need to provide active recreation and community-serving amenities in Malibu, especially for our younger citizens, and the MBC proposal seems to make that achievable at a cost the community can bear. At least we ought to look at it closely.

    Heretofore, what has issued from council in regard to development in the Civic Center, especially from members Van Horn and Keller, has seemed more like doctrine than planning, more like personal agenda than leadership. Their unanimous vote to study the development agreement signals a most welcome change in approach.

    In sum, the City Council is to be congratulated for doing the right thing.

    Barbara J.