I’m still here!


On Thursday, 6/16, I got a phone call from a friend who was concerned that my hit-and-run accident of 9/18/04, which resulted in the death of my Great Dane and caused me many injuries including broken bones, had prompted me to move from Malibu. Apparently my letter to the editor in the June 16th paper added under my name “former Malibu resident.”

I would like to let your readers know that although this accident caused me to wonder about the integrity of the many students that know who the hit-and-run driver is (a known fact from witnesses who heard students mention the name of the driver!), I’m still alive and living in Malibu, California. I still have many injuries and physical problems (and an empty spot in my heart for Annie) due to this accident but am lucky to be able to live in the beauty of Malibu while I regain my health.

A memorial plaque has been place on Latigo Canyon just off Ocean View Drive, in memory of my Great Dane Annie who was killed by the hit-and-run driver. I invite anyone who passes by it to please say a little prayer for her eternal life!

Alessandra DeClario, Ph.D.