Fashion Designer and Malibu Retail Icon Fred Segal Dies

Malibu's Fred Segal store

Los Angeles fashion visionary Fred Segal died Thursday, Feb. 25, at age 87 at a Santa Monica hospital due to complications from a stroke. 

During his lifetime, Segal was instrumental in creating and re-creating the Los Angeles fashion scene. He dressed an array of stars, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Julia Roberts to the Beatles, according to His first shop was on Santa Monica Boulevard, but soon moved to Melrose Avenue. That West Hollywood store in particular was known as a place to see and be seen; his stores around the world were “both entertainment and a social event in themselves,” wrote. 

His airy Malibu boutique is located in the Malibu Village, standing out visually due to its red and white stripes against white walls. It opened in 2019 following the closure of the Malibu movie theater. 

But Segal’s original Malibu store opened in 1975 at the Malibu Country Mart, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Segal’s store currently sells a keychain emblazoned with the word “Malibu” in gold, accompanied by the words “Meet me in room 3822.” 

The mogul was survived by his wife, five children and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His family asked that those who wish to honor his legacy consider donating to the Segal Family-United World Foundation.