A Kronsberg crony


Joey and Lyn Kronsberg have been our friends since 1976. We have enjoyed each other’s families, shared dinners and attended various events together.

Joey and Lyn are conscientious, moral, ethical, and fair individuals. They conduct their lives asking only for the same considerations afforded other people. In the case of Kronsberg versus. Camp Bloomfield, the primary and only issue seems to be the road easement. A judge will decide the merits of the easement.

Having said that, I would like to point out that there is room for Camp Bloomfield to locate their needed road entirely on their own property. It may be expensive but the Foundation for the Junior Blind has annual total revenue of approximately $11 million and $29 million in assets, including a $12.4 million investment portfolio (as of 6/2003, IRS Form, 990, lines 12,54, and 59).

Joan House