Pesty paparazzi


This is about the taking back of the beach from the paparazzi at Little Dume. As a resident of Malibu for 40 years, on Las Flores Beach, I believe I can speak for most of us in the community who are not celebrities. For the past years we have endured these roaming packs of paparazzi wolves who get their shots by being aggressive and uncaring towards others. Instigated confrontations by the paparazzi seem to be encouraged so that they may bring a picture more value. Just listen to the comments they say to their prey when their clips are shown. CNN’s description was “belligerent drunk surfers” and the paparazzi with all the rights of being on a public beach. CNN did not hear the other comments made by the other residents.

Do they actually think these paparazzi are mild mannered press? Don’t be so naive. If this pack of wolves’ disruption was going on in their neighborhood, they would at least call animal control or handle it themselves.

Even as our own Malibu mayor Pamela Conley Ulich said, “confrontations between photographers and surfers Saturday and Sunday came at a time that Malibu’s 13,000 residents felt endangered by “an increasingly reckless disregard for public safety for themselves and others, being exhibited by the paparazzi.”

Did they not know there were numerous families with children also on that beach when it was mobbed by the paparazzi?

Did they not know that the day before the paparazzi were confronted about disrupting the residents and beachgoers, one pulled a knife and stabbed a resident in his hand? Did they not know that the paparazzi employed their own muscle on Sunday so they could press up the beach and get their shots through intimidation? Did they not know that at Little Dume there is no public access to the beach?

This is not about the celebrity versus the press. It’s about the community and the disruption and nuisance and reckless disregard to safety and private property these roaming packs of paparazzi bring. I respect and admire the residents and beachgoers of Little Dume who stand up to these roaming wolf packs and refuse to take it anymore.

Jeff Higginbotham