Honor among politicians


    My understanding through the years is that Carolyn Van Horn is an undiluted environmentalist. Right? Well I question why she would be a proponent of spending time, money, energy pulling up plants on the landscape of Malibu because these plants were not indigenous to our area, and replant the area with those plants that are indigenous to Malibu. Oh sure, these are environment technicalities, but I don’t know of any documented evidence that indigenous plants are a hazard to the Malibu area as is the litter (i.e. glass, plastic can and bottle holders) that can harm human and animals. I walk on Zuma Beach and see signs that were put up at great expense warning anyone who litters will be fined. Yet, Carolyn Van Horn prefers to take a day once a year to pick up other people’s litter, in place of enforcing the law stated on the sign. Yes, I question the sincerity of Ms. Van Horn. I was one of the “get out the vote for cityhood slaves” during our quest for cityhood. I now regret my time, energy and dollars put into that effort. During that time I did not know that many people I worked with wanted to boost their own desires in the political arena. I see politicians on Malibu’s City Council, who are not caring, thoughtful human beings with an honor system that is bound to this beautiful area where the mountains meet the sea in such a spectacular sight. Didn’t some great writer say something like, “Who knows what evil lurks in the mind of man?” Evil, perhaps not, but what do we know that is in the mind of our city officials?

    Carleen Wood