Planetary Themes for the Month of November

Astrology forecast


With your planetary ruler, Mars, now in the sign of Capricorn, you are focused on accomplishing goals and may be taking on some added responsibilities. Some adjustments are seen necessary with your finances. From Nov. 8-13, be careful dealing with authority figures and make sure your ducks are in a row. 


Focus on partnerships and personal relationships. You are in a cycle for attracting resources or more support from others if you seek it. Your ambition gets activated to make improvements and seek new opportunities. From Nov. 8-13, examine your belief system. Some internal issues may need to be resolved. 


You are likely to be more social and relationship oriented until Nov. 8. After the 8th, you move deeper into the emotional realm and can benefit from some self-examination. The focus is also on accomplishing daily tasks. From Nov. 8-13, there may be some unexpected expenditures. Play it safe with financial decisions. 


The focus is on deepening your emotional connections in your personal relationships. Romantic involvements can heat up this month for you. Children in your life may need more support and you can help resolve problems for them. From Nov. 8-13, avoid drama with others. Seek more balance between work and relationships. 


Family and domestic matters are in focus this month. There may be some issues or family situations that need to be resolved. You are likely to be busy, driven and dealing with a lot of daily tasks that need to be completed. Things can intensify at work or with co-workers from Nov. 8-13. Remember to take time out for yourself. 


Investments or speculative matters may take on more importance. Added responsibilities related to children in your life are in focus. Your imagination is creative for expressing new ideas for making the best use of resources or money. From Nov. 8-13, be more cautious with money matters and investments. Play it safe. 


It’s time to honor your true worth and value as a person this month. There may be some self-worth issues that need to be examined. Family related or domestic responsibilities are in focus. Nov. 8-13, some family or relationship issues come to the surface. Seeking more fun in the social arena is a pleasant escape. 


If you have been suppressing any of your thoughts or feelings, it all starts to come to the surface after the 8th. The tide is flowing your way to get what you want with your goals, just be careful what you wish for. Becoming more adaptable can be your biggest asset. From Nov. 8-13, avoid disagreements with co-workers. 


Your social life can bring you joy through Nov. 8. After the 8th, time alone dealing with internal matters can be a very good thing. From Nov. 8-13, be more cautious with money or investments. After the 16th, you can become a magnetic attractor for more love and abundance in your life as Venus enters your sign. 


As Mars transits your sign this month, you are a force to be reckoned with. Harness that inner power to accomplish your goals. Just avoid treading over others in the process. You can attract more support or financial resources through networks. From Nov. 8-13, some family-related power struggles may force you to regroup. 


You may be dealing with some dissatisfaction in your career or business. This situation can begin to improve after the 16th. This is a time for some inner cleansing and letting go of things from your past. Avoid suppressing your feelings. From Nov. 8-13, release some of that steam of yours in constructive ways. 


This is a month when a lot of personal transformation and growth can take place. Your belief system can expand if you let go of fixed emotions. Your goals and ambitions are best fulfilled through group involvements and networking with others. From Nov. 8-13, your friends may push too far with you. Hold your ground.