Take steps, save ballet

Malibu will once again be losing one of its veritable institutions in the millennium. The H. Koss Company has decided not to renew the lease of Malibu Ballet Studio by the Sea. This ballet company has been a wonderful institution for our young ballet students over the years. The ballet actually brings many parents and children to the Country Mart to both use the facilities and to shop at other stores.

Apparently the greed factor has once again taken over in Malibu.

I feel that it is a shame to force this venerable institution to find a new location after so many wonderful years of bringing joy and a wonderful education experience to our young people in our community. I hope that the owners of Malibu Country Mart reconsider their decision to put the almighty dollar above the interests of our young people and their parents in our wonderful community. This is certainly an issue that is more important than a zoning variance or a building permit.

Let’s unite behind our young people and take a stand on this issue. Let’s keep the Ballet by the Sea just where it is.

J. Patrick Maginnis

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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