Planetary Themes for the Month of October

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.


Expressing your independence and experimenting with new experiences is important to you. A closer examination of your finances can do you some good. You can be dealing with added responsibilities at work or in your career. Your relationships bring you back into balance. Seek to make compromises with others.


Personal relationships are a priority. Your involvements with significant others can deepen on an emotional level. Remember to remain in harmony with your inner self. Some flexibility will be required in career matters. The use of financial resources and support from others will be necessary to attain some of your goals.


Sharing ideas with others and expressing your artistic side take on more importance through Oct. 9. On the ninth, an important shift begins to occur. Your emotional side and sensitivity increase. You can feel like deepening your connections with others. Your involvement at work or with work projects can intensify.


Emotional involvements in your love life and/or with children can deepen. You can be dealing with added responsibilities at home or with family. On Oct. 9, you can get better tuned in to your needs and express your feelings with others. Be more cautious with the handling of money and eliminate some unnecessary expenses. 


You can attract some interesting and unusual types of people. You seek more excitement in your relationships, but remember to set some boundaries if others are too demanding of you. This is a good time for writing projects and expressing your ideas. Family matters will require you to be more adaptable. Go with the flow.


Finances take on more importance. Be cautious with investment decisions. You can find more balance through your relationships. On Oct. 9, your inner detective begins to come out as you get to the bottom of things! You can feel like expressing more of your emotional side and deepening your connections with others. 


The focus is on your relationships and getting better tuned in to yourself. This may require some introspection. There may be some hidden emotions that need to be expressed. Think of ways to make the best use of financial resources. A juggling act may be required with handling domestic matters and your personal life.


Venus continues to transit your sign the entire month. You are in a favorable cycle for expressing love and manifesting more abundance and opportunities. On Oct. 5, you can feel the need to begin to deal with some unresolved issues of yours. There may be some unfinished business with others or relationships from your past.  


You can benefit from spending more alone time to get better tuned in to your needs. Your home life or connecting to family take on more importance. You are in a favorable cycle for research and digging deeper into the meaning of things. Your mind is very active and there are new or inventive ideas to be expressed. 


A balancing act will be required between your career or work and your personal relationships. You could be dealing with some unfinished business or unresolved issues with people from your past. Important financial goals need to be re-evaluated. Your new or inventive money-making ideas have merit and should be pursued. 


The tide continues to flow in your direction for stepping in some new directions and expressing your ideas. You find more balance through your relationships and friendships. There may be some career or money matters you are dissatisfied with. This can drive you to make some changes. Keep a handle on your spending. 


You can be working behind the scenes in some ways. This is a good time to clean up things from the past. Seek constructive outlets for expressing pent up energy. There is a desire for travel or expanding your horizons. On Oct. 9, you can begin to get better tuned in to your needs and communicate your thoughts and feelings.