Far from disarming


    After reading Pam Linn’s column in last week’s Malibu Times, I am relieved she isn’t running the country. I also learned a few things after kindergarten and they include the following: the world is a very dangerous place, especially at this point in time. The United States honors its commitments and the treaties it signs, but that isn’t necessarily true of many other nations. While the United States and our leaders spend a great deal of time listening to leaders of other nations, in the end it is the responsibility of our leaders to protect the citizens of this country. Ms. Linn says of our good fortune, it can be gone in a heartbeat. Yes, that is correct, and that is why we have elected a responsible President who won’t let Iraq become another North Korea.

    I remind Ms. Linn that France doesn’t compose Europe. At least 18 other countries have signed on in support of the United States and its efforts to disarm an evil dictator who tortures and kills his own citizens and who plans to spread that evil as far as he can as soon as he can. The issue is not democracy, it is freedom. What do you suggest the people of Iraq do while the rest of the world discusses these issues? What have they been doing for the last 12 years while their leader thumbs his nose at every treaty he signed after his defeat in Kuwait?

    For better information about the world situation and before declaring that no one is following our President, I suggest Ms. Linn find some sources other than CNN and the Los Angeles Times.

    Gail M. Wilburn