Overall Estimated Project Costs


Overall Estimated Project Costs to build out proposed Civic Center wetlands include:

Land Acquisition Costs

(for entire project/est. 90.39 acres)

Malibu Bay Company land $31-$40 million

Other Civic Center owners $ 30.45 million

Lagoon expansion land $33.0 million

Total land cost $95million -$104 million

Excavation & removal of dirt (for the three wetland lakes)

Cost $6 million

Buildout of parking, paths, public amenities (for 90 acres)

Cost $17.2 million

Building culvert under PCH/ so Lagoon and wetland mix

Cost $7.0 million

Construct berms and drainage/ to handle flooding

Cost $2.0 million

EIR/EIS (environmental reports) $250,000

Unknown/unanticipated costs $5 million -$10 million

Soft costs (approx 20-plus percent of project cost)

(design, architecture, engineering $30million

legal, permitting, consultants, etc)

Overall total costs (minimum estimate) $162 million – $176 million