Photos: Guide Dog Xena Visits Malibu Kids

Xena learns how to be a guide dog for the blind with trainer companion Kimberly Varonin.

Xena, a guide dog “puppy in training” made a visit to Bank of Books with her trainer Kimberley Varonin during a special Story Time on Saturday morning. Children were captivated as Xena rested at Varonin’s side as she explained what goes into being a guide dog for the blind. A guide dog must be “perfect to lead the blind” Varonin said. 

“Xena knows a different set of manners when the service jacket is on,” Varonin said. Her advice: when you see a guide dog, let the dog and their companion continue on their path. 

Their training can also be utilized in caring for diabetic, search and rescue, and other service programs.