LA County Reservoirs Fill, But More Water Needed

Mulholland Dam

Though heavy rainstorms last weekend dropped six billion gallons of water into reservoirs in the San Gabriel Mountains, experts claim that drought worries in Los Angeles County are far from over.

The LA Times has reported that the collected rainfall, enough to supply more than 150,000 people for a year, does not make up for the shortfall after 2013’s historic drought.

Although 6 billion gallons may sound impressive, the county usually captures 68 billion gallons in one rainy season.

Officials at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works say that although the rainfall helped to fill dams that were down to minimum levels, the best way to measure water levels is looking at underground wells that water feeds into.

According to the LA Times, county officials will examine levels of water in wells to assess whether the allocations of water to local districts such as Malibu will have to be reduced come July.