Feared up


    It’s obviously election time because Mr. London has started his usual barrage of letters to the editor. He has described Fed Up as an organization of fear mongers. We were not fear mongers. As everyone knows Fed Up was fearful of the government’s taking of property rights — including grandfathering.

    London and his council candidates are already painting everyone who does not agree with their no-growth philosophy as developers.

    We have candidates this time who are only for sensible growth. If one wishes to build a home or remodel, they should have the right to do so without having to suffer so much time and money to get through the process. Your no-growth candidates, Mr. London, do not agree with this.

    Our planning director in response to the Planning Department audit defends his staff (and rightly so) by saying and I quote, “In the past, the council has stated that development in Malibu must be controlled, restricted and, in some cases, discouraged.”

    This policy may be the reason for the recent unhappiness over the injurious code enforcement process.

    Kay Furgurson