Forty-Six Pilot Whales Massacred in Taiji Cove

Taiji Cove

Any human that regularly inflicts extreme cruelty upon animals may be considered a sociopath. And people who hurt animals are also likely to hurt other people. That’s why the FBI is about to condemn animal cruelty as a “crime against society.”

On Nov. 19, Japanese whale killers herded an exquisite pod of pilot whales into the infamous bloodstained Taiji Cove.

Over the following 72 hours, 46 pilot whales were slowly tortured and murdered with brutal steel rods. Juveniles were mercilessly slaughtered and then dumped back into the sea.

The London-based Environmental Investigation Agency claims that more than one million whales, dolphins and porpoises have been massacred near Japan in the past 70 years.

Japan is knowingly driving the Northwest Pacific pilot whales to extinction. It’s inhumane, it’s bloody wrong and it’s ecocide.

Shame on Japan for killing the intelligent cetaceans that help humankind by fertilizing the sea with their flocculent fecal plumes (excrement), which is rich in iron and nitrogen – essential to grow oxygen-bearing phytoplankton, which provides almost three three out of every four breaths of air we all breathe. Did you know that the oceans are missing 40 percent of the phytoplankton due to the climate crisis?

Please support the crucial conservation work of Sea Shepherd because they’re protecting the doctors of the sea – the dolphins and whales.

Love is the solution.

Earth Dr. Reese Halter is the author of “Shepherding the Sea: The Race to Save Our Planet.”