Nearly 200K spent by MBC in election


The final financial statements were released last week for November’s Measure M election, in which voters overwhelmingly rejected the proposed Malibu Bay Company (MBC) Development Agreement. The MBC was the biggest spender in the campaign, with $195,586 in expenditures. Most of its money was given to Marathon Communications, which took charge of creating its mailers, television and newspaper advertisements and various other services.

The second-biggest spender of the campaign was Malibu Community Action Network (CAN), which successfully led the Measure M opposition to victory. CAN raised $53,600 and spent $45,174. Its biggest contribution came from Action Embroidery Corporation, an Ontario-based California company headed by CAN activist Ozzie Silna. It gave $41,500 to the campaign, but Silna did not donate any money as an individual. Musician and Taxpayers for Livable Communities member Don Henley was CAN’s second-biggest contributor with $7,000. CAN spent most of its money on newspaper ads, spending $20,084.

Richard Carrigan, who created a committee with himself as the only member called Citizens Against Measure M, spent $22,663 on the campaign. His biggest expenditure was newspaper ads, for which he spent $13,999.

The lowest spender on the campaign was Yes on Malibu, the citizen’s group that supported Measure M. It raised $16,664 and spent all of it. The largest contribution to the committee came from various people who donated $1,000 a piece. But most of its money was raised through small donations of $500 or less.