Correlating Corral


    To the Malibu City Council:

    I have been a Corral Canyon homeowner for more than four years. During that time I have endured mudslides, landslides, earthquakes, PCH closures and fires.

    Because I live beyond city limits near the mountain top and away from it all, I have ignored the petty bickering and stupidity. I have read and heard from neighbors about the foolishness of the Malibu City Council. I assumed, I must take responsibility for my family’s safety and welfare because I choose to live in rural Malibu.

    This week without warning, I was made aware of the city’s plan to resolve the Corral Canyon Road landslide by only funding a one-lane road within the slide area and suddenly I am forced to enter the breach of the petty self-serving old guard.

    There are well over 600 county residents who depend on Corral for daily access to work, school and town needs. Each day the drive up or down is met with animal crossings, speeding vehicles, joggers and rockslides, etc.

    We all accept this as dues for the privilege of living so close to “heaven’s gate.” But it’s clear we live dangerously on “the edge.”

    One lane is not adequate to insure safety and protection.

    During the fire of ’96, I was given less than 30 minutes to drive up from PCH, navigating through fire equipment on all turns, to get a trailer hitched and loaded with two panic struck horses and back down — it was awful– forget my desire to return to watch over my property and assist securing my home during the evening.

    Selfishly, I would love to eliminate easy Corral Canyon access during most times. But having witnessed the treachery of this road during an emergency situation I cannot imagine only one lane passage.

    Hopefully, smarter persons will rethink the situation.

    Laurence A. Crink