Letter: No longer cheery


My husband and I moved from Malibu to Tucson, Ariz., ten years ago, after living in Malibu for over 30 years. Each year since we moved, we come back to visit friends and family for an extended summer stay. We also visit several times during the year. There has never been a return visit that hasn’t included lunches and dinners at Guido’s, our favorite hangout.

It has outlasted several “top” restaurants that have come and gone over time. It’s impossible to count the locals that consider Guido’s their go-to eatery, where you meet friends, take visitors or just stop by for a pizza, chopped salad and social drink or two. It’s always been a place where we feel comfortable and relaxed, whether having an intimate dinner or celebrating a special event in one of the back rooms. When a restaurant keeps the same waiters, busboys, bartenders and maitre ‘d (also former part owner) year after year, you know it must be doing something right.

It’s a huge shame that we will be losing one of Malibu’s most iconic establishments. And the shame is in the inability for the responsible parties to come to an agreement over an extended lease that will insure the futures of our personal “Cheers.” I will certainly miss saying “We’ll meet you at Guido’s” on our future visits.

Linda Caplan