Effluent lifestyle


    It’s with great amusement and some consternation that I pick up your paper almost each week and find so much time, energy and effort by your readers devoted to saving the dolphins, whales, fish and animal life in general. None of these folks seem to have any serious concerns about water quality in our lagoon or ocean.

    One only has to read the latest water study by the state to see that Malibu Pier waters again received an “F.” The myth of effluent being released by Tapia into the creek has finally been debunked. The real damage is being done from the houses and shopping centers. If you don’t believe this is true, the next time it rains, take a deep breath through you nose. That ain’t the roses that you’re smelling.

    The city of Malibu was founded for essentially only one reason. This was to keep sewers out. Most residents did not want to incur the cost involved. The general line then, as now, is sewers would lead to unbridled development. Our area still developed and the ocean got worse each year. I am told that in the top 10 of polluters in this area is the building that houses City Hall. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

    No one can reverse the development that has gone on in the last three decades. In addition, new draconian building laws and a micromanaging Planning Commission have not succeeded in stemming development. We need to rebuild all sanitation systems and install sewers while they are still affordable. Don’t let the “founding fathers” of this city talk you out of this a second time. Put your energy and monies into cleaning up the waters. The kids need a clean ocean to play in. It’s the Malibu lifestyle.

    Art Newman