Give meaning to the words


    Save Malibu for Malibu. I heard these words this weekend on television under the presentation of a political campaign by Councilman Keller of our city of Malibu. What came to mind when hearing those words was, what does Save Malibu for Malibu mean? Who are you saving our fair city for? After nine years on the Council, the city of Malibu is getting deeper and deeper into one crisis after another, and the people of Malibu are being left out of this mix. We do not have the following: A new City Hall Building, resurfaced roads, meeting rooms, a nice hotel (with all the trimmings), senior citizens/teen center, sheriff’s station, disability ramps (for sidewalks) and more. A city needs services provided to its citizens by the City Council.

    After watching some televised political forums (PACs and the Malibu Township Council) I have come to the conclusion that three of the candidates are saying the same thing and appear to be willing to work together for the sake of the citizens, the numerous projects (that are now in the pipeline) for the council to act upon in a reasonable efficient manner. The three candidates that would be an asset to the community are Jeff Jennings, Joan House and Ken Kearsley.

    Remember, there are six candidates for the three City Council positions. It is up to you to put the three who will be able to complete each project in an effective manner with city staff and interagency (county, state and federal), so reasonableness is returned to this small metropolis.

    Remember this is our city. Vote on April 11, 2000, with me for three candidates who will accomplish this tremendous task of putting the city on a positive, reasonable, achievable plane.

    Marilyn Santman