Malibu Seen: Can’t Buy Me Love

Whether it’s Malibu’s spectacular Getty Villa with its treasure trove of antiquities, or the famed collection of fine arts at the Getty Center on Los Angeles’ West Side, J. Paul Getty knew how to spend billions—but when it came to his family, he’d be hard pressed to part with a pound.

The Getty story became the subject of a widely acclaimed movie, “All the Money in the World”—the true life story about the 1973 kidnapping of the oil tycoon’s grandson and the richest man in the world who refused to pay one penny in ransom. 

That the movie got made at all is a miracle. Many scenes ended up on the cutting room floor when multiple accusations of sexual abuse from its star Kevin Spacey came to light and Spacey was replaced with veteran actor Christopher Plummer. There was a wild frenzy to get the job done before awards season and they just made it. The flick made an impression on the critics, proving that the film had legs. Audiences couldn’t have enough of the Getty saga and wanted more.

Now, the film is being turned into a television series. The FX 10-part project is called “Trust.”

It’s all about headline-gabbers and family drama. After an episode or two, be sure to venture up the Malibu coast where you’ll find the magnificent villa. With its dreamy landscapes, sparkling ponds, shimmering tiles and sexy frescos, you will find yourself lost in time. And while you’re there, keep your eyes out for some recently restored priceless pieces that make their debut this summer.




Malibu’s Miley Cyrus delighted hundreds of thousands on the National Mall. Musical legend Paul McCartney, actor George Clooney and singers Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift also lifted up their voices against the National Rifle Association and to promote safe schools and streets. Though their voices will come in 13-, 15- or 16-year-old packages, they will vote their beliefs and their voices will be heard. The “Ocean’s Eleven” star and his wife Amal have been speaking to students and teenagers across the country, saying, “You make me proud of my country. This is your march. This is your moment. Young people are taking it to adults and that has been your most effective tool.”



As Malibu Seen reported last week, local Tom Hanks will take on the warm and fuzzy role of the iconic Mister Rogers. Now the post office has issued him his very own stamp. Cozy sweater included. 

HEY—you’ve got mail!

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