Letter: ‘No’ on Hotel

Letter to the Editor

Letter addressed to Malibu City Council

I am against having a hotel in the middle of Malibu. Your Malibu constituency does not need any more traffic, traffic lights or cross walks in the middle of Malibu! It will create more inconvenience for us and profits for the owners.

Should you decide to go ahead with this project, please let us know what regulations will be in place, how much the city will be receiving for your approval, and how they will use these funds as well as why you support this project.

As you know, many of us would love to see a swimming pool, tennis courts and other recreational amendments to the properties the city owns. Will this be accomplished using the hotel funds as well as other Malibu reserves and can these amendments start to be line items in your budget?

I also realize this site is a sore spot for Malibu. Can’t you make them clean it up to be more presentable?

Has this project been totally thought out? Seems to be a big rush all of a sudden!

“No” on hotel, “yes” on recreation for your constituency.

Thank you for considering the above.

David M Kramer