Letter: Help the Innocent

Letter to the Editor

This letter was written on June 22.

We learned today that the administration has no method to reunite the children separated at the border with their parents. Meanwhile, they have shipped hundreds of these young people (average age is eight; youngest is eight months) to places as far away as Seattle, Texas and New York, and they have no system to reconnect child with parent. There are no records of who belongs to whom. One commentator expressed the opinion that some of these separations may never be resolved.

I encourage every citizen of this country to rise up and demand that the administration change this policy. It is un-American and child abuse, for which we should be sanctioned for crimes against humanity. This has nothing to do with politics unless you consider this to be the proper result for people who have committed a misdemeanor.

A two-year-old cries, “Where is my mommy?” Won’t you do something?

I will be outside St. Aidan’s church tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. to demonstrate against this stain on my country’s name. 

I send this in all humility, whatever your thoughts. My heart breaks for these families and for the USA.

Rev. Paul Elder