Local Man Reportedly Saves 65-Year-Old Woman’s Life

Armin Seiler holding the roses

A woman who was washed to sea and then battered against rocks while attempting to cross a rocky section of a Malibu beach at high tide was saved by a man named Armin Seiler, according to an email sent in to The Malibu Times by Malibu local Diana Armstrong. 

Armstrong reported that on Wednesday, May 12, Seiler, who was working next door, spotted the woman and ran into the water to pull her to safety. The battered woman was unable to walk home, so another local, Alan Armstrong, helped her to her feet and drove her home.

“The next day, the woman–who referred to herself only by the name ‘Sho’–returned to Latigo Cove with a dozen roses to say thank you. She said she was helpless and drowning and Armin’s quick action saved her life,” Diana Armstrong wrote. 

“[Seiler] said, unbeknownst to him, his mother’s brother had just died that same day. He gave the roses to his mother and told her that while her brother was dying, he was saving a life. She was touched by the roses and how he earned them,” Diana Armstrong concluded. The Malibu Times was unable to verify Armstrong’s account, though Armstong did send in photos of Seiler holding the roses.