Battling development


The Malibu Animal Hospital, which has dutifully served the needs of many Malibu residents for many years, was just given a 90 day notice to vacate, by the Malibu Bay Company. This followed a notice several weeks ago that would have doubled their rent to over $12,000 per month. The reason that they gave Dr. Lisa for the vacate notice was that “they wanted to develop their land.”. Obviously, the MBC has the right to develop their land and this is a simple landlord/tenant relationship and there is not much that the citizens of Malibu can do to interfere.

But, was this not the same deal that they were offering the City of Malibu in Measure M? An urgent care facility rented at low rates for the first four years and then subject to market rates. The MBC is a business in the business of making money. Malibu needs to have a City Council that can effectively and professionally deal with these commercial developers. The current City Council has shown their ineptitude at these types of dealings by first negotiating Measure M, then wholeheartedly supporting Measure M and then firing those that would not walk lockstep with them. We need a City Council that will step up and represent the people of Malibu, not the commercial developers. For the future of Malibu, please vote for Keller, Liebig and write in candidate Mazza.

Lawrence Weisdorn