The Food Column: The Almost-foodless Column

food col.

Much to my dismay—and his delight—my vegan husband Jeff got a new job and is working out of town for awhile. As we were conversing on the phone the other evening, he laughed and asked, “You know, if I’m not there to take you out to eat, what’s your next food column going to be about?” That got me thinking.

When I was single, I loved taking myself out—movies, breakfast, lunch and dinner, shopping, road trips, plays—I enjoyed (and still enjoy) my own company. But marriage somehow has tempered my independent ways; I can still go out by myself, but don’t want to. I want Jeff with me, and now that he isn’t here to cook, shop or eat with, I’ve temporarily lost my joy for most things food related. No worries; I’m not wasting away eating pasta sauce over bread or anything, I’m just not eating so high on the hog as I do when he’s here. 

Now, the way to my heart is 75 percent through my stomach and Jeff has the key to both. I’m so lucky to have a guy who loves to cook, cleans up and does the dishes! I’m truly spoiled.

I miss us sitting around looking at restaurants online for hours because we can’t decide where to eat, getting frustrated with each other, then deciding to just stay home and cook. And, boy, do I miss his cooking. He makes the best gluten free vegan pizza—chock-full of veggies, cheeses and love!

Before he left, we ate at Double Zero on Lincoln, a vegan pizza and more place that’s owned by Matthew Kenney of Plant Food-Wine in Venice, home of the best vegan banana cream pie in the world. Double Zero makes an amazing creamy cashew mozzarella that, on top of thin gluten free crust, tomato sauce, basil and their plant based “meatball,” is pure heaven.  And their sunflower Caesar? Forget about it—or, rather don’t. It is so good, with crispy romaine, parmesan and creamy sunflower seed dressing. Yum!

Also delish is the pesto pizza with macadamia ricotta, zucchini and arugula. 

I really want to eat there again, but not without Jeff. People look at me funny when I talk to myself out loud while I’m eating, plus there is no one to share with so I only order one item and—the horror—I have to pay for it myself!

And, yes, you are right, I could invite a friend—I do like to share—but it’s not the same. Jeff and I have a love, an adoration—no, an obsession!—for food. It excites us. We think it, feel it and live it. We spend days if not weeks researching recipes, planning menus, experimenting with different seasonings and searching for new fruits and vegetables to try. Without him to share with, it’s not as fun. On the bright side, I’m eating less so may end up losing a few pounds… or, maybe not. Ha!