Scott’s space


    In response to Mr. Keller’s letter printed Sept. 10, I apologize for referencing him as part of the council majority, which twice refused a settlement offer in closed session on the Lunita Pacific condominiums. The council majority consisted of Carolyn Van Horn, Joan House and Mr. Keller’s protg, Jeff Kramer. The result was the same. We have a 38-unit condominium project on a six-acre parcel. Mr. Keller’s reference to the size of the parcel being 70 plus acres is inaccurate. The 70 acres is the entire plateau. The San Paolo U.S. Holding Co. project consists of six acres and presently has under construction 38 condominium units.

    I was pleased to see that Mr. Keller did not try to deflect responsibility for the $2 million loss by the city on the mobilehome park ordinance fiasco. Of course, he did not accept his share of the responsibility, but that was predictable.

    Richard N. Scott