Water shutdowns scheduled to begin in Malibu this week

As part of a project to improve water pressure for its customers, Waterworks District 29 plans on shutting down a primary water supply to Malibu four times beginning Tuesday, Jan. 15.

Three of the shutdowns are scheduled to last at least 24 hours but customers will still receive water service from a backup supplier, according to officials. 

During these shutdowns District 29 will be relying on water stored in tanks and supplies from emergency connections to meet the water demands within the District,” a statement from the City of Malibu said. “No service interruption for customers is anticipated.”

The water pressure improvement project consists of upgrades to Dist. 29’s primary water supply interconnection with the Metropolitan Water District.

Here’s a rundown of the shutdown schedule:

-Jan. 15: The first shutdown begins Tuesday night. If it rains, the shutdown will take place Wednesday, Jan. 16. This shutdown is scheduled to last 30 hours.


-Jan. 23: The second shutdown will also be approximately 30 hours long.

-Jan. 29: The third shutdown is scheduled for three hours.

-The final, 24-hour long shutdown is scheduled for the end of February.

The operational changes required for these shutdowns have been carefully planned and verified through trial shutdowns to ensure continued smooth operation during these periods,” the city statement said. 

For more information, visit the City of Malibu’s website

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