Taking the recusing route


It was kind of John Mazza to recognize I did the right thing in recusing myself on the Zumirez realignment project. Although I do not have any ownership in Prudential Realty or in the property itself, I chose to recuse myself on the issue because I was concerned with public perception.

However, Mr. Mazza is dead wrong when he states there is “an inside deal” regarding what will happen with the small remnant of land that will be left at the corner of Zumirez and PCH when the project is finished. Perhaps Mr.. Mazza simply does not understand the process. Council could take no action on what will happen to that remnant because it was not on our agenda. In fact, to have taken action would have been a violation of the Brown Act.

It will be on a future agenda and will be the subject of a full public hearing. At that time, I invite Mr. Mazza, along with all interested parties, to attend the public hearing and participate in the process. I will continue to recuse myself on all matters regarding the project.

Andy Stern

Mayor Pro Tem, Malibu