Letter: Denied Responses

Letter to the Editor

A letter has been sent to the President of the Southern Pacific Region of Whole Foods, Patrick Bradley. They have declined even the most basic response, in keeping with their attitude of disrespect for Malibu residents during Measure R. Many residents have also left calls with Whole Foods, and those have also been ignored.

Is this the kind of business we want to welcome to our town? If this is how they are already treating the residents, what will happen if they build here?

This is the letter that was sent:

Dear Mr. Bradley,

I would like to make you aware of the false advertising that is being done under the Whole Foods name, yet again.

The developer, Steve Soboroff, is taking out ads claiming that the Webster PTA is supporting Measure W, which would approve a very large development in the Civic Center. He is advertising it as Whole Foods, despite the fact that residents are voting on a land use, not approving a specific store.

He does not have approval of the PTA and is falsely misleading voters into thinking that the entire body is endorsing it.

I am sure he is aware of the PTA bylaws that state: 

“A current PTA officer/board member may not use his/her title or the name of the PTA to endorse a ballot measure on which PTA has not taken a position.”

In addition he is making robocalls from the “Yes on W” campaign representing special needs kids and the Malibu Webster PTA that a yes vote will guarantee a Whole Foods and a special needs park. 

I am sure you do not want Whole Foods to be fraudulently represented like this. It would be in your best interest to take out an ad in all three papers distancing yourselves from this dishonest and unethical way of advertising or somehow make a public statement showing that these are not the tactics employed by Whole Foods.

Michele Reiner