Letter: Alarming Attitudes

Letter to the Editor

Your coverage of the Nov. 13 Pepperdine University incident described a very disturbing picture of the lack of intellectual life at the university. Perhaps more alarming was the attitude of the Pepperdine administration.

Some unknown individual expressed an opinion that conflicted with the sensitive and intolerant nature of a small group of Pepperdine elites, and suddenly Pepperdine leadership was chastised for not responding with vengeful wrath.

As a result of the administration’s lack of righteous indignation, the elites have demanded that the school is to cut off internet access to Yik Yak, require all students, faculty, and staff to complete cultural sensitivity and diversity training, remove a statue of Christopher Columbus, and add a requirement for a course on diversity.

I was an average student throughout my college years, but I understood that the academic experience was set up to expose me to a world of different ideas of self, nation and the world. I looked upon my environment as an opportunity to learn and grow.

In closing, I suggest that Pepperdine stand up to the elites and treat them as the adults one would expect to encounter on the campus of a respected academic institution.

John Everett