Seeking state stuff


    I am in fifth grade at Hart-Ransom School in Modesto, Calif. I have adopted our state as a class project. I will be doing a report and making a display about California. In May, my class will be having a “States Fair.” I will display and show everything that I have gotten and learned about our state to my whole school.

    It would be helpful to me if you could ask your readers to send me postcards of our state, maps, brochures, information about wildlife, industry, neat places to visit, statistics, sports teams and other information and items your readers feel would be helpful.

    I hope your readers will help me with my project. I am looking forward to hearing from them, and promise to send a thank you to them for helping me. I am excited about learning about our state.

    Justin Keef

    Hart-Ransom School

    3930 Shoemake Ave.

    Modesto, CA 95358